SHINY Spandex Clips

  • Our Pantyhose Spandex Girls

    Our very first pantyhose / spandex "model" was an 18 year old asian girl from Chicago named Abbey. We walked into a stor in the mall called "Contempo Casuals" and saw her.

    She was asked to be a model for our newly created website and she said yes. She misunderstood what we asked because we later found out she quit her job at the mall!

    She was under the impression that a full time job was being offered to her. We used her for one shoot only. Sorry Abbey.

  • Our Pantyhose Models

    We take what we can get, but we have never been into the "professional look" kind of photographic posing. We much prefer the amateur style of normal everyday activities.

    We use all kinds of models and basically just let them roam around doing whatever. If they want to pose, they can. If they just want to play basketball in their leggings, they do. Just sitting there is fine!

    Our models show off their pantyhose feet, legs, spandex asses, cameltoes and their sheer bras.

  • Our Shiny Lycra Vision

    Our intent is to secure some girls who trully appreciate this fabric. It's rare, and after all these years, I have yet to come across one that understood this fetish!

    And that is exactly what this is; a pantyhose fetish, a spandex fetish. It was probably aquired by quite a few men who grew up in the 80's. Many have taken to this fetish during their early years, some later...

    We each have our reasons for being pulled by this fabric, but rest assured, BODYSHEEN is here only to help iron things out!

  • lycra bodysuit
  • pantyhose feet
  • spandex legs

  • Joss

    Lesbians in Pantyhose

    Hey, weather they are real lesbians or pretending lesbians, as long as they are lesbians wearing pantyhose, that's all we care about here at BodySheen! What we really try to capture is women carressing each other in their silky sheer pantyhose or tights.

  • Dharma

    Girls lactating in sheer bras!

    Pantyhose, spandex, lycra, nylon bras, it's all tied to the same thread of what this site is about. A nice form fitting material! Add to the excitement a pregnant girl wearting a sheer bra squeezing her boobs so the milk will quirt out and we're all set!

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Our Offerings To You

Gorgeous girls, average girls, chunky girls, skinny girls, pregnant girls, tall girls, short girls - all wearing skintight, shiny material. We love the pantyhose foot fetish as well.

We snap around 50 pics per outfit and spend some time with the video camera trained on them as they pose, walk, jog, dance, frolic with other women - whatever. We just make sure to have the video cameras running for all our pantyhose video clips and spandex movies.

spandex and pantyhose tour

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