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our SHINY Pantyhose Fetish

  • Our Spandex Roots

    We were stuck in the 80’s, with our memories of “gym girls” decked out in tight, shiny spandex and thongs, and the “church girls” encased in their Sunday pantyhose.

    So in 1999, we began "bodysheen," a website dedicated to capturing these every day amateur girls wearing this fabulous material whilst posing for our video and still cameras!

    It's been 16 years now, and we are still going on the hunt for girls to spend some time on film with us.

  • Our Pantyhose Models

    We take what we can get, but we have never been into the "professional look" kind of photographic posing. We much prefer the amateur style of normal everyday activities.

    We use all kinds of models and basically just let them roam around doing whatever. If they want to pose, they can. If they just want to play basketball in their leggings, they do. Just sitting there is fine!

    Our models show off their pantyhose feet, legs, spandex asses, cameltoes and their sheer bras.

  • Our Shiny Lycra Vision

    Our intent is to secure some girls who trully appreciate this fabric. It's rare, and after all these years, I have yet to come across one that understood this fetish!

    And that is exactly what this is; a pantyhose fetish, a spandex fetish. It was probably aquired by quite a few men who grew up in the 80's. Many have taken to this fetish during their early years, some later...

    We each have our reasons for being pulled by this fabric, but rest assured, BODYSHEEN is here only to help iron things out!

  • lycra bodysuit
  • pantyhose feet
  • spandex legs

  • Kelly Kole


    We shoot all our own material here. We try to keep it on the amateur side. Sometimes we get semi professional models that come to us for a shoot. Take a look at this girl Kelly Kole here to your left. She was one of the "Bada Bing" girls on the Sopranos HBO TV show. We still managed to keep it amateur.

  • Lisa Tyler

    Infamous Lisa Tyler!

    Lisa... Lisa! We've got Lisa here!! Ha. Everyone loves Lisa and her famous bubble butt! She truly does have killer buns and a body smooth as "budda," especially when sporting some nice tight yoga pants made of Lycra, Nylon & Spandex!

    Click the play buttons on the left

Our Offerings To You

Gorgeous girls, average girls, chunky girls, skinny girls, pregnant girls, tall girls, short girls - all wearing skintight, shiny material. We love the pantyhose foot fetish as well.

We snap around 50 pics per outfit and spend some time with the video camera trained on them as they pose, walk, jog, dance, frolic with other women - whatever. We just make sure to have the video cameras running for all our pantyhose video clips and spandex movies.

spandex and pantyhose tour

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